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Stronger skills, lasting results.

In a turbulent world where things don’t always go as planned, success demands that we go beyond good ideas.

The Transition provides an unparalleled training platform for national and international security practitioners to strengthen their strategic leadership and crisis management skills.

Developed and administered by leading experts in negotiation, the government and security edition of this transformational exercise will help government, security, and foreign affairs practitioners develop the skills to:
- Go Beyond all or nothing mindsets in times of great urgency


- Transform good ideas into sustainable agreements


- Adapt quickly to a complex and changing environment


- Strengthen the ability to identify and respond to new threats


- Collaborate with unlikely partners to generate strategic action


- Maximize the potential of every member of your team

“Having conducted and supported operations up to and including the national level, I can say conclusively, Brian Mandell and Arvid Bell lead a negotiation practicum that excels in relevancy. The cadre devotion to education is simply unparalleled. I can give no higher recommendation.”


LCDR (name redacted)


Chief of Naval Operations

Politico-Military Master's Scholar


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