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Want to build a better team?

A connected world requires a different kind of team.

The Transition challenges every team member of your organization to develop stronger leadership, team-building, and negotiating skills.

Developed and administered by leading experts in negotiation, the corporate & non-profit training edition of this transformational exercise will help you perfect the skills to:


- Create and claim value by building sustainable agreements


- Maximize the potential of every member of your organization


- Build a resilient, cooperative team that gets better deals


- Strengthen your organization’s ability to identify and contain risks

- Identify the issues within a counterpart’s positions


- Develop cross-cultural awareness necessary for the globalized world


“The art of negotiation is a skill that I work towards refining daily just in order to meet the needs of my professional responsibilities. However, it was only through this exercise that I’ve had the chance to exercise these skills outside of my comfort zone. I am sure that this newfound confidence will be transferred to other realms of life, be it professional or personal, and there really isn’t anything else out there like this.”


Staff Member, Non-Profit Organization


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