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Ideas into Collaborative Action.

Success in a connected world depends on collaboration.

The Transition serves as a multi-day exercise which provides instructors an opportunity to enrich their curriculum with powerful negotiation and conflict resolution ideas, tools and techniques.

Developed and administered by leading experts in negotiation, the academic edition of this transformational exercise will help students and educators develop the skills to:
- Identify the core issues within a counterpart’s positions

- Recognize ways to overcome barriers to turning ideas into action

- Collaborate with unlikely partners to forge sustainable agreements

- Adapt quickly to a changing environment

- Encourage cross-cultural sensitivity under difficult circumstances

- Create inclusive, sustainable ways of implementing a vision


“The Transition made up two of the most intense, challenging and educational days of my life.  I am grateful for the mistakes I made and the lessons I was able to learn.  It pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided the opportunity for invaluable learnings.”


MPP Student, Harvard University

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